Trifecta Building

As the Design/Build lead for Trifecta Technologies, Inc., we conducted a much more comprehensive refit of existing space in the Schoen’s building by bringing some impressive Value engineering options to the project, which includes the top three floors now occupied by Trifecta,

Working closely with Trifecta, we assembled our design team and took the time to craft something truly unique through  extensive discussions with the client to determine their desires, and the excellence of local vendors  who – like us – can be counted on to take the extra steps that make a project something special.

In lieu of standard commercial cubicles, our clients at Trifecta elected to have all of the desks fabricated by a local steel fabricator, Jost Iron Works. The wood surfaces and conference tables were constructed by Stofanak Custom Cabinetry of Bethlehem. And the beautiful concrete sinks and countertops in the bathrooms and kitchen areas were designed and manufactured locally by Majestic Concrete.

As with the rest of the building, we preserved  the original red brick wall on the east side of the building in contrast to the open glass wall on the west side and the open-floor concept provides a vintage industrial-design appeal that inspires creativity in the building’s new occupants.

From sidewalk to skylight, this project is one-of-a-kind, and the “interactive roof top” will allow Trifecta’s employees, clients and guests to enjoy the view of the changing downtown and host events for their friends and clients in a garden-like setting far above the city streets.

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