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When we set out to design our new headquarters, we built on what we’ve learned from past projects. We wanted the space to be efficient, open, welcoming and unique. We wanted our guests to enjoy their visit and come away with a strong impression of our capabilities, and we wanted our own team members to be comfortable in an atmosphere conducive to work flow. 

Working with the blank canvas of the former Schoen’s furniture store in Allentown, we took our cues from two of our favorite recent projects – the Trifecta Technology offices in the same building and The Lodge, the unique auto clubhouse we built on the East Side of Allentown. Treating ourselves as a client, our challenge was to do more with less while achieving the look we desired.

As with The Lodge, we leaned heavily on reclaimed barn wood enhanced to create a natural feel, and we borrowed from Trifecta’s open-floor concept enhanced by using exposed, unbrushed steel beams and exposed concrete supports to frame both the space and the furniture, which we had hand-built to our specifications. We solicited feedback from our staff on each touch in the firm belief that pride in ownership is a key factor in employee satisfaction and a healthy working environment.

The open glass wall on the west side of our office provides a stunning view of Allentown’s renaissance, so we used that to create a “rail desk” workspace for our field supervisors to begin and end their workday, while providing a great lunch counter for our office staff. The innovative VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) HVAC system is a home run, providing comfort both winter and summer without the need to run expensive ductwork through the length of the expansive, six-story building, and the exposed ductwork adds an attractive element to the industrial feel of the entire space.

The result is a distinctive urban work environment reminiscent of Greenwich Village and Soho –strategically located right in the heart of Center City Allentown.

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