Shane Patrick’s Charity Project 2016

Date: Apr 05, 2016

~~Shane Patrick Associates was proud to serve as construction manager for the project led by the Lehigh Valley Phantom Wives through the Lehigh Valley Phantom Charities to improve the health outcome for a 13 year old girl with cystic fibrosis. The original goal was to do one room but ended with updating her family’s home.  The main focus was to improve the air quality of the home by removing all carpeting and ceiling fans, as well as upgrading and completely flushing the HVAC system and cleaning the ductwork.  In addition, with the help of a number of generous volunteer subcontractors, we replaced all flooring and repaired and upgraded the bathroom with a new tub and vanity.  We upgraded the kitchen with new cabinets, countertops, and energy efficient appliances.  Fresh paint was applied throughout the house, and the young girl’s bedroom was completely redecorated with new furniture and artwork.  Shane Patrick and the Phantom Wives want to thank all the subcontractors and volunteers who helped make this project a success. 

See the transformation take place! ~~

What our clients think

“For me, the best thing about working with Shane Patrick Associates is the attention to detail and the collaboration. We worked together on this project and Derrick and his team proved excellent at handling the interface of details. Derrick and his people take what I have provided to my architects and what they gave to the engineers and bring a human sensibility and reality to our concepts. They know what makes sense and what doesn’t. They communicate, and they deliver.”
Keith Flickinger
American Classic Motor Car, Inc.

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